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Even if you’re an absolute beginner in web design, this book will teach you how to build future-proof web pages the right way, using easy to master tools, which are all available for free.

Regardless of your computing platform – Mac OS, Windows or Linux – we recommend the right tool for the job. Step-by-step we covers how to construct well-structured HTML pages and how to apply layout and style to these pages using CSS.

What others have said about the book:

Every Design School on the Planet Should Make ‘HTML and CSS Web Standards Solutions’ a Required Textbook.
Jon Tan

Reading this book felt like I was at the web design school I never had the chance to attend. It’s truly a course in a book: it explains the basics that every web designer should know.

More than just another book: it’s a textbook. Each chapter builds appropriately on the previous and each chapter ends with an exercise for the reader. The exercise enforces what has been learned up to that point and sets the stage for the chapter to come.
Jonathan Snook

Download a sample chapter from the book to get a feel for how it’s written. or buy it from amazon.co.uk or amazon.com.

Got The Book?

If you’ve got the book already, the web pages linked to below contain all the files you’ll need to complete the homework, in addition to reference files and links to resources related to each of the chapters.

Part One: A Solid HTML Foundation

Part Two: Adding Style With CSS